LED Dancefloor Reviews

We highly recommended Scott! The nicest guy ever and his service was 100%! Scott supplied the dance floor and letters for our wedding (December 2019) and these were amazing, and not only that he was so kind and thoughtful! If you need someone please, please, use Scott, you will be so grateful you did!!! A massive thank you Scott! We are eternally grateful!!

Jenny Hall

1st April 2020

Scott was brilliant setting up the dancefloor and letting me know what was going on to the lead up to our wedding. It was a light up one and it was amazing. It worked all night we had no issues and so many guests comment on how beautiful it was. Thank you so much!!!!!

Jasmine Holgate

10th October 2019

What size LED Dancefloor do I need?

It can be difficult working out the best size for your starlit dancefloor but, hopefully we'll be able to give a little guidance before you decide.

First and foremost - speak to your venue. It's very likely that they've had a dancefloor laid there before and they should be able to advise on what size works well with the layout of the room.

Our most popular sizes hired are 14ft x 14ft, 16ft x 16ft and 18ft x 18ft but we can go upto 20ft x 20ft if required.

Generally speaking 45 - 60 dancers tends to work well with a 14ft x 14ft, 60 - 75 dancers tends to work well with a 16ft x 16ft and 75 -95 dancers tends to work well with an 18ft x 18ft.

If the venue you've secured is pretty large (300 person capacity for example) - just bare in mind that having a 12ft or 14ft dancefloor can look a little silly unless ofcourse you've got other props round the outside to make it a little more busy i.e photobooth, sweet cart etc.

Please also bare in mind that it doesn't have to be square. If required, we can provide a 12ft x 20ft dancefloor to really maximise the space you have availiable giving more of you're guest the opportunity to 'dance on the stars'.

Will the Dancefloor have any different effects?

Yes! - The most popular request is for the dancefloor to 'twinkle' but we can set it to remain on still. This can sometimes work out better for photographers on your first dance for that iconic shot.

What condition is your dancefloor in?

Quite simply - the best! Our most recently purchased starlit dancefloor was brand new in February 2020. It's been used once before Covid-19 hit in March so it's immaculate and has a high gloss white finish. Before EVERY hire, the floor is hand cleaned, machine polished and electronically maintained to ensure it always looks it's best. We completely understand that everyone has a budget however, it can actually look better to not have a starlit dancefloor than to have one that's not been well looked after with panels that don't work. It really does stand out like a sore thumb on a day that's supposed to shout attention to detail.

Is there anything we need to be aware of when hiring a starlit dancefloor?

Yes absolutley! Weddings tend to be held in prestigous, beautiful venues that take great pride in how it's presented, after all - they're hosting couples perfectly planned days - every single week. Dancefloors are built up of heavy, metal panels that can be awkward to lay. This is why we lay our dancefloors on a heavy duty layer of protection to ensure the venues floor remains in perfect condition. We also have PLI upto £10 million along with a yearly PAT Certificate ensuring that our dancefloor is always safe to use for your special occasion.

How much would it be to hire an LED Dancefloor?

We charge £1.56 per square foot so, for example (if you're not sure how to work that out) if you was looking for a 12ft x 20ft floor - on a calculator you would enter 12 x 20 which will give you the square footage (240) then times the 240 by £1.56 which will give you a price of £374.40.

To save you some time, here are the prices of the most popular hired sizes: 12ft x 12ft - £224.64 | 14ft x 14ft - £305.76 | 16ft x 16ft - £399.36 | 18ft x 18ft - £505.44 | 20ft x 20ft - £624.00.

Is your Dancefloor available for our date?

To find out if our Starlit Dancefloor is available on the day of your event, please fill out the availability checker here:

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