Essex & Suffolk Light Up Letter Reviews

Scott was brilliant in the run up to our wedding and on the day itself. Really helpful and the LOVE lights were so much better than any others we have seen. We would recommend Sweetness and Light to anyone. Fantastic service, really friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Thanks so much!!!

Toni Shergold

26th November 2018

Highly recommend Sweetness and Light. We had the Mr and Mrs TV Stand and the LOVE letters for our wedding. We had photos of nearly everyone who was at our wedding displayed on the Tv stand through out the afternoon and evening. Everyone commented on how great it was and what a fantastic idea to have at a wedding. Thank you Scott .

Lisa Riddleston

27th November 2018

The Best Light Up Letters In Essex

Well – ‘it’s not unusual‘ for us to supply our letters to global superstars such as Sir Tom Jones when he’s in town, so there must be some truth in it right?

We created Sweetness & Light with a mission to be unique – so, if you’re after the ‘traditional’ white light up letters with the big chunky bulbs in, you’re in the wrong place. The products we offer are designed, built by hand and hired by us exclusively so, you won’t see them anywhere else.

All our light up letters and numbers (excluding the rustic range) have a white exterior with a black background inside the letter. They all have glistening white LEDs fitted that depending on your requirements can sparkle, flash along with six more effects for you to choose from. It doesn’t stop there – all our letters and numbers are battery powered so you can decide where they look best, rather than trying to find the closest plug socket.

How our Light Up Letters saved the day!

Found these guys at a wedding show - so glad we did. We hired the LOVE letters for use on our wedding day and they really set the venue off. We had issues with power at the venue during the course of the evening and the letters kept going and helped create a great atmosphere despite the problems. Scott was helpful from start to finish and no question was too much trouble. Prompt response and delivery/collection. Would definitely recommend and if we have a party or special occasion in the future I would definitely give them a call. Thank you for everything!

Katie Street - 21st December 2018

Light Up Letters For Hire

Light Up Initials for Hire

Our illuminated initials can be used in so many ways whether it be a more personalised display at a Wedding (rather than the more traditional light up ‘LOVE’) or maybe even a joint Birthday party.

We can swap the ‘&’ for a heart if you like which comes complete with two colour options: White & Red. Not only can you choose between the two colours you can also use them both and select different effects creating the perfect backdrop for those memorable photos.

Click Here to see more about our Light Up Heart

Light Up Love Letters for Hire

It’s safe to say that LOVE is probably our most popular hire, after all – it’s what created the very day you’re celebrating, whether it be an engagement, wedding or anniversary.

As you’ll see here, the LEDs create a unique yet beautiful backdrop which enables your photographer to get some fantastic shots from the occasion.

We can also add our beautiful love heart to the end of the display or replace the ‘O’ if you’d prefer – click here for more information on our light up heart.

Rustic Light Up Love Letters for Hire

The rustic look has been very popular over the last few years with more and more barns being transformed in to beautifully restored stunning venues. Our rustic ‘LOVE’ looks lovely in any rustic themed venue or at any venue that features an outdoor area. They can be dressed with flowers making it an ideal photo opportunity for guests. As soon as the sun sets you can just pop on the LEDs to have LOVE sparkling outside.

A huge benefit to our rustic love letters is that they can go outside whatever the weather -so there’s no panic if it starts to rain.

Light Up Heart for Hire

Our light up heart is brand new to the range! We completed it during the Covid-19 lockdown so as yet we don’t have any photos of it at events. It did however make it’s debut appearance on BBC News Look East as part of the clap for carers as a thank you to our incredible NHS, something we’re very proud of.

There are so many ways to use our light up heart to enhance the look of the light up display. Take the name Chloe who’s having her 20th Birthday as an example: You could have CHLOE 🖤, CHL🖤E, CHL🖤E 20 or maybe even CHLOE 2🖤. Anywhere you can replace the ‘O’ will look great or just pop it at the end! 

Our heart comes complete with an incredible feature, not only can it subtly blend in with the colour of the rest of the display you’ve hired, you can also have it red or both! The effects you can create are awesome and you’re more than welcome to have a play to get the right look to suit the atmosphere you’re after.  You could leave the white lights on still and then have the red lights sparkling away or even have both colours sparkling – you decide!

Light Up Letter Names

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a global superstar to have your name up in lights, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary or running a corporate event – we can help!

In July 2019 we were over the moon to of supplied Sir Tom Jones with our Light Up Letters for his concert at Colchester Castle Park, Essex. Due to our light up letters being battery powered we were able to create an incredible display without needing a source of power. This meant by having no trailing cables, it was one less thing for the health and safety team to worry about on the day but, still created an incredible display in front of over 12,000 people.

Take a look at our light up heart by clicking here. You can add the heart to the end of your name or exchange the ‘O’ for the heart instead.

Light Up Numbers for Hire

Perfect for birthdays, school proms, anniversaries and believe it or not weddings. Imagine having the date of your Wedding in our light up numbers with all your friends and family gathered round showing what is and will continue to be an incredibly important date in your life.

You can also pop the heart in replacement of the zero if you’d like to so rather than having 20 you could have 2🖤 instead – click here for more information on our heart.

The beauty with our light up numbers is they’re battery powered so you can put them anywhere that looks great rather just finding a plug socket for them.

Light Up Letter Displays for Hire

Not seen a display you fancy? Create your own! – We’ve got the whole alphabet and all the numbers three times over! Let us know what you’re after and we’ll make it happen. 

We’ve supplied lots of displays from ‘XMAS’ to ‘I DO’ as well as ‘PARTY’ and many more but, the skys the limit so have some fun! Not only have we never seen the date in light up numbers at a Wedding before, we’ve also never seen ‘YOU & ME’ along with many more that are certainly thinking outside the box. If you need a little inspiration then get in touch and see if we can assist with the event your organising.

Display Pricing

1 Unit

£ 75 per Letter | Number | Symbol
  • inc Delivery & Collection (within 50 miles)
  • Batteries Included
  • 24hr Hire

2 Units

£ 50 per Letter | Number | Symbol
  • inc Delivery & Collection (within 50 miles)
  • Batteries Included
  • 24hr Hire

3 Units

£ 45 per Letter | Number | Symbol
  • inc Delivery & Collection (within 50 miles)
  • Batteries Included
  • 24hr Hire

4-5 Units

£ 35 per Letter | Number | Symbol
  • inc Delivery & Collection (within 50 miles)
  • Batteries Included
  • 24hr Hire

6+ Units

£ 30 per Letter | Number | Symbol
  • inc Delivery & Collection (within 50 miles)
  • Batteries Included
  • 24hr Hire

Will you price match other suppliers in the area?

Unfortunately not. You do get some wild offers in the events industry that’s for sure and from our experience we can see why. We believe that if you’ve gone to the effort of organising an event like the one you’re planning right now – the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning off dirty handmarks or trying to make the display (that you’ve paid for) a little more presentable for the night. Random bulbs not working alongwith 240v cables hanging loose from the back of the letters are just some of the sights we’ve seen from those ‘amazing deals’ offered on facebook. That said, if they tick all your requirements and you’ve got a contract in place with the supplier to deliver exactly what you’ve asked for then you’re on to a winner! Here’s just a few we’ve spotted since being in the industry.

All our products are made by hand by us...

Lee is not only a partner in the business Sweetness & Light, he also creates the products that we have available to hire. Over the years the quality of his work has not only taken him to a variety of celebrities homes but Buckingham Palace too!

Lee has incredible attention to detail with all our products and we are very lucky to have him as part of the business.

Popular Questions about our Light Up Letters & Numbers

We are based in Hadleigh, Suffolk but, our storage is in Colchester, Essex .We will deliver and collect within 50 miles free of charge from Colchester, Essex.

Yes, we take a deposit of between £30 – £50 depending on the display you’re looking to hire.

Once you agree to booking our products/services, we will send you our bank details to transfer the deposit.

Once you have commited to the date agreed, the deposit is non-refundable.

We will however refund deposits should they be due to COVID-19.

We do not charge admin fees to move the date if you need to due to COVID-19.

The balance can be paid on the day of the event but must be paid before we unload the display from the van. If you would like to pay on the day then we would advise a cash payment incase of any signal issues at the venue.

Yes absolutely! We’ll pop a form over for you to complete and return confirming the products/services you’d like and ofcourse the fee you have agreed to pay.

We’ll work this out based on when works best for you and/or the venue.

Anything you need us for! We generally supply to Weddings, Birthdays, Concerts and Corporate Events but if you have something else in mind, we’d love to hear from you.

Not all of them unfortunatley. We do have a stunning rustic love display which can go outside whatever the weather but, as it stands, this is it.

Our letters are just over 4ft tall and generally range between 2ft – 3ft wide depending on the letter. If you require an exact measurement for a display then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We started our business to create a unique twist on a very popular tradition with light up letters ensuring we offer something different. Our light up letters are battery powered so you can put them anywhere that looks great rather than finding a plug socket for them. We keep all our products clean, tidy and well presented and you’ll have the very best customer service.

Here at Sweetness & Light we offer: Light Up Letters & Numbers, Wedding TV Displays, Starlit Dancefloors & Photobooths. If you’re struggling to locate a display then please feel free to get in touch, i’m sure we’ll be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

Yes absolutely, Sweetness & Light is a family run business so we fully appriciate that your nearest and dearest will be attending. All our mains powered products such as the Wedding TV Display, Starit Dancefloor and the Photobooth will have a valid PAT Certificate along with PLI. This can be sent to you and/or the event venue should they require the documents.

Any hire from us is for a maximum of 24hrs – this can be extended if required but would need to be discussed with us first.

Yes all the prices on the website include delivery and collection but, if you’re more than 50 miles from Colchester then we may need to look at an extra fuel charge.

We do prefer you not to move anything once we’ve set them up as our products can be incredibly heavy but if you absolutely must move the letters then we advise that two people lift each letter. Please do not move the Wedding TV Display or the Starlit Dancefloor – contact us and we will assist as best we can.

All our products are safe and are tested every year to ensure this is always the case. The lights we use are LEDs so they always remain cool.

Because we build most of our products by hand, we can ensure they’re of the highest quality. Most letters from other suppliers are made of very thin material and are just glued or stapled together but we use 18mm MDF so they’re solid and look the part. Some even have all the power cables on show at the rear of the letters making it quite dangerous for enquisitve small hands. We clean our products after every hire to ensure they are in the best condition for the next hire and our customer service is second to none.

Yes we are more than happy to put a package price together if there’s a few products/services you’d like to hire. Just pop us over an email on what you’d like to hire and we’ll let you know our best price.

If they are still availiable by the time you decide then ofcourse you can add on other products at a later date.

Is the Light Up Display available?

Require a DJ?